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The Arizona website features Google maps to direct you to your nearest nursery. Click on the image to see the map

The 5 ingredients that help green marketing campaigns grow organically

Don’t just stand there. Plant something! That’s the idea seedling we plant, fertilize and grow with the Plant Something campaign to encourage homeowners to beautify their landscapes and neighborhoods. As you might imagine, the recession has significantly pruned sales in the landscape industry. The Plant Something campaign reminds homeowners that investing in plants, shrubs and trees is not only good for your soul, but it will help reduce energy bills and increase the value of your property. The tendrils of…


Crowd-sourced balladeers delight callers stuck on hold at ad agency

Now you’ll ask to be put on hold at Park&Co On-hold messages are the last bastion of truly disruptive marketing. Right? So we decided to make ours more than meaningless blather about our agency and services. We enlisted amateur and/or street musicians to submit Park&Co jingles in a variety of musical genres.  We immediately began spreading the word among our many social channels. (There may have been a carrier pigeon involved—it’s all such a blur now.) The one rule was…

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FREE coffee and 62 wonderful reads for the Holidays

Our gift to you to kickoff the Holidays is a FREE cup of Joe at our Starbucks at 44th St. and Indian School. Order whatever drink you like tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 3, 2010, tell them to make it a “Park&Co,” and it’s on us, while supplies last. You can even swing by the agency with your fresh brew and say hello if you like. We’d love to see you. On another note: every year my friend Bill Rozier polls a…

The power is in the story: Social Venture Partners Arizona's Annual Report

Seven Design and Strategy Secrets for Creating a Sustainable Annual Report and Organization

Sustainability is not just about being “Green.” It’s purely about survival. Survival for a nonprofit in this tumultuous economic environment is directly related to their ability to innovate. Adapt or die. Here’s a story about one such nonprofit, and one way they are seeking to remain relevant that just might help you and your cause. Last night we hosted the annual Spring Partner meeting for Social Venture Partners of Arizona. More than 100 people attended to celebrate the impact SVPAZ’s…

The Single Level Building with a Thousand Stories

What Stories Does Your Office Building Tell About You?

For nearly a decade, our big, red ampersand billiard ball on the side of our building has become a bit of a landmark at the corner of 44th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s good. But what we heard from most people who pass through this highly trafficked neighborhood was this: “Ohhh, you’re an ad agency. I’ve always wondered what you did.” That’s bad. Especially for, well, an ad agency. Better brand storytelling in the most obvious…

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