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From flop sweats to rock star: How audiences buy into your story when you OWN it!

The confidence of owning your business story Last June, I shared the business storytelling stage with my friend Bryan Adams of PH Creative in Liverpool, England. Bryan and I co-hosted two workshops in his hometown and one in London. Here is a note I just received from Calum Kilgour, Director of SlingShot Guru, a sales professional who attended our London program. It’s just too good of a story not to share, with Calum’s permission, of course. Dear Park and Bryan, You really have done this! I’m so glad…


Have you had business storytelling up the Wazzu?

Then create a brand story you can celebrate with your customers The new president of Washington State University cringed at the school’s legendary nickname: WAZZU. V. Lane Rawlins took the helm of WSU in 2000, and apparently didn’t want to run a major university with a brand story associated with that part of the anatomy. So he decided to ban it. Gone were the coffee cups, beer mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with our WAZZU call-to-arms. “Inconceivable!” I thought. What would the Tom Tuttles from Tacoma, WA do if…


Rocking the Casbah: The story behind where the Beatles really got their start

What is truly authentic? I was born in 1961. On Valentine’s day. The Beatles were in their infancy, too. They started playing clubs in Liverpool in 1959. Most historians point to The Cavern Club as the pub where the band got its start. But that’s not the whole story, I learned. In fact, it wasn’t a cavern, but a cellar where the magic started. I was in Liverpool this past June performing Business of Story workshops with my now good friend, Bryan Adams, founder…

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6 ways to grow your business when you have your brand story straight

I have been in advertising for more than 30 years, and I remember when the introduction of the fax machine was a breathtaking technological leap forward for business. Seriously. It was easier to be a marketer back then. You had so few channels to work with: mostly broadcast, print, outdoor, direct mail, events and word of mouth marketing. Brands owned the influence of mass media. But now the masses are the media with a 24/7 global reach from their kitchen tables.…

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What B2B marketers can learn from the Doritos “Ultrasound” Super Bowl TV Spot

As all of you students in my Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership communications course know, a universal structure to storytelling pervades our lives. We see it in the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the plays we attend and the Super Bowl TV spots we laugh at. My hands down favorite from Sunday’s big game was Dorito’s “Ultrasound” spot. Let’s put it to the Story Cycle test For those of you new to the Story Cycle, it is a 10-step process, inspired…

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