Recycled-Fashions Designer Nancy Judd in her Aluminium Dress

Recycled-Fashions Designer, Nancy Judd, in her Aluminum Dress

You just got to love people with passion for what they do. I have an even greater appreciation for those who enthusiastically pursue their gift after reading Steven Pressfield’s, “The War of Art.” But that’s another post.

Today I want to introduce you to Nancy Judd, an eco-ista turned fashion designer. Nancy is turning heads with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Toyota and Target, The showstoppers are outfits she’s designing and making out of, well, trash.

Environmental education is at the heart of Nancy’s mission. She has created an elegant way to promote conservation and recycling through her “Eco Trash Couture” collection.

Dress made for Target

Dress made for Target

We had a chance encounter over the phone when she called our agency about her coming exhibit at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with Nancy, while also exploring her website, I asked if she would mind writing a guest post on how she has found herself creating $30,000 ensembles from recyclable materials.

Heeeeer’s Nancy:

Why spend 500 hours gluing 12,000 pieces of recycled glass to a dress, you might wonder? For me it is both an artist expression and environmental education!

Recycle Runway started in 1998 when I was the Recycling Coordinator for Santa Fe, NM. I began creating fashion from trash to promote a recycled fashion contest.

My garments are now commissioned by organizations including Toyota, Coke and Target, and one piece was recently accepted into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian and featured on the front page of in the Wall Street Journal!

My goal is to change the way people live on the earth and I exhibit my trash-fashions in airports because I can reach millions of people. Recycle Runway will be in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in February for 6 months and in the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Airport for a year. Twenty million people will see the Collection over this time.


I also give workshops to youth nationwide, using the garments to discuss environmental stewardship in a fun and positive way.


I fund my work through sponsorships. I provide millions of quality impressions in airports, with youth, and through international media exposure!


Please visit to see the full Collection and for details on how to participate. I can be reached at 505-577-9712 or

Recycle Runway's Airpot Exhibit

Recycle Runway’s Airport Exhibit