Clear2O Carbon Filtered Water Bottle at the 12,666 Ft. Summit of Mt. Humphry's, Flagstaff, Arizona

Clear2Go Carbon Filtered Water Bottle at the 12,666 Ft. Summit of Mt. Humphrey’s, Flagstaff, Az

In an effort to keep our two sons busy this summer, and as a reprieve from writing my green marketing blog, I thought I’d take them for a stroll up the 12,666 ft. Mt. Humphrey’s, yesterday.

“Breathtaking,” has more than one meaning in the San Francisco Peaks, just north of Flagstaff, AZ. Somehow it seemed a lot easier 10 years ago; the last time I climbed it.

I also took along my Clear2Go carbon filter water bottle that the fine folks from Clear2O sent me to try out. (A perk as a writer on sustainability, green marketing and the environment, I suppose).

All in all it’s a neat little water bottle.  The carbon filter, that resides just below the spout, gives you filtered water straight from the tap. But you can’t just suck the water out. You have to squeeze the bottle. The plastic bottle is Bisphenol-A free too, which is nice.

Their website asks you to join the,  “Drink Clean and Go Green” movement. Lance Armstrong is their spokesperson (nice double entendré there). You can even take a pledge to drink less disposable bottled water. You’ll save money and help save the Earth; two important causes.

Anyone know how effective these online pledges really are?

Clear2Go is even getting some celeb-cred. Their blog said they donated 500 custom Broadway Green Alliance water bottles for this year’s Tony Awards. They’ve also taken their “Drink Clean and Go Green” cause to Facebook, Twitter, and

Obviously they’re not just relying on their carbon filtration as a differentiator. They have tough competition, including Brita, Fit N Fresh, and LifeSaver, which can purify 4,000 to 6,000 liters of water with one filter. Clear2Go cleans about 100 gallons before you need to change the filter. Clear2Go is doing a nice job of wrapping their brand in green. Their site says they’ve saved 3,547,388 plastic bottles from being tossed in the landfills, $1,631,798 dollars saved on bottled water, and more than 110,800 gallons of oil saved. All because you’re drinking water from the tap through your reusable, BPA free, Clear2Go water bottle.

Now, for the really good stuff: Our Flickr SlideShow from yesterday’s trip up Mt. Humphrey’s.

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