If you can shop from home on the internet, why go to a store?

If you can shop from home on the internet and help the planet, why go to a store?

Is environmental responsibility beginning to trump convenience, product selection and price as a reason to shop online?

Shop.org recently published a survey that said 35% of respondents believed that online shopping is better for the environment than store shopping. Wait, it gets even better for online stores. 60% of those who believe they are being greener by shopping online plan to shop more often on the web versus traveling to a store.


Other notable stats from the emarketer.com article include:

  1. The Green E-Commerce: Gaining Momentum report traces the many ways the Internet is spurring eco-consumerism and how brand marketers are responding.
  2. The recession has surprisingly little effect on buying green. Eight out of 10 respondents in a Cone survey said they planned to spend at least as much on green products today as they did in the past.
  3. Manufacturers more than doubled the number of eco-friendly product launches in 2008 compared with ’07, according to Datamonitor.

So, I put the “Green Online Shopping” mentality to the test and asked our staff why and where they shop online.

Tarah Eland, Production Manager: My favorite online store. . .Etsy is an absolutely lovely site :o). They sell everything hand made. I would think it’s green! I don’t have to use gas to get myself to the store and there are more green products at your fingertips that aren’t available in stores nearby.

Kim Hodge, Film & Video Manager: My favorite on line shopping store is a UK based department store called John Lewis www.johnlewis.co.uk they offer everything from furniture to baby gifts to glorious handbags.  They provide free standard shipping within the UK right up to Christmas, so even relatively last minute gifts to my family are easy to choose and delivered on time to get under the tree for Christmas Day.   It saves me a bundle on international shipping, and time in line at the post office.  Green?  You bet I think it’s greener.

Jon Hrach Web Designer: Great topic. I assume it uses less resources to shop online since you don’t have to physically drive yourself to the store, but the product still has to be delivered to your house, so I’m not sure. bhphotovideo.com: good prices and used equipment. Interesting note: B&H is a Jewish business, and doesn’t do business on Saturdays. Their online store is actually closed on the Sabbath. Newegg.com: Good prices on computer hardware. I guess most of my online shopping is motivated by price.

Leslie Quinn, Bookkeeper: My daughter is a ballet dancer and goes through about 2 pair of pointe shoes a month…  We purchase through discountdancesupply.com who sells them for approx $15-$20 less than any of the dance stores (although still quite expensive at $55/shoe)  here in the Valley.  They usually ship within a few days and she can expect them at our door within the week.  It’s been a beautiful thing, and a savings of both time and money!!!

Tiffany Franquemont, Account Intern from Univeristy of Missouri: My favorite online store is Forever21.com.  Shipping is free after spending $75 or more and it’s quick. After I buy clothes from the website, my clothes are at the front door within days. I think that buying online is the green thing to do because it is a gasoline saver. With the gasoline prices rising, shopping online not only saves consumers money, it reduces fuel burning.

threadlessParker Howell, Video Intern from Chapman University: Threadless.com. Though, oddly enough, I’ve never bought anything from there. Does that count? I like the community, both looking at others’ designs and showing off my own.

Josh Feig, Interactive Writer: I really dig iTunes. I think it’s still the best, most usable online store there is.

Got a favorite site where you shop? Do you think online shopping is the green thing to do? Let us know below.