mk-aw989_greenl_ns_20090701185612Many of the world’s best-known luxury labels are starting to introduce eco-friendly products. They’re trumpeting their social responsibility and embracing Mother Nature in their advertising.  To add kindling to their environmental fire is a recent study from Cone Consumer Environmental that found:

  • 35 percent of Americans have higher interest in the environment today than they did one year ago;
  • 35 percent of Americans have higher expectations for companies to make and sell environmentally responsible products and services during the economic downturn; and,
  • 70 percent of Americans indicate that they are paying attention to what companies are doing with regard to the environment today, even if they cannot buy until the future.

How are you and your company’s product and services responding to the new green consumer aesthetic? Do you think it’s a fad that’s going to be fading, or are you prepared to dive into sustainability and the environment with your offering?

Read the entire story, “Luxury-Goods Makers Brandish Green Credentials” from the Wall Street Journal.