If your green business solution can create a win, win, win for a customer, you can’t lose.

That’s my obvious answer to Korey Baker’s question on LinkedIn today: “What attracts business owners to the idea of “going green”?

To give my position credence, just look at McDonald’s 2011 Sustainability Scorecard. Of their 13 stated goals in five areas, they only met one:

“Increase energy awareness and education across the System to continue to realize savings to the bottom line and benefits to the environment.”

While they’re making progress in other CSR areas, including sustainable supply chain, employee experience, nutrition & well being, and community, it’s no surprise that the big savings are in environmental responsibility.

As I mentioned in the American marketing Association article about the sustainability scorecard, McDonald’s wins by reducing operating costs, increasing net profits, and creating a story about their sustainability that they can share with the world.

That’s how you sell “green” to a company. What’s your answer?