I’ve been reluctant to post this info graphic on greenwashing. I received it in an email last November, and I’ve been meaning to delete it ever since. However, like that tiny, but vigilant, tag of popcorn husk clinging to the back roof of your mouth, it is still there.

So here it is for you. It’s full of great stats and facts about greenwashing and what to look for. And it begs the question:

Are the companies accused of greenwashing doing it on purpose, or do they just NOT know how to communicate the real environmental impact of their products overselling their “greenness”?

Could it be that they have the best of intentions and are simply bungling their green marketing; their nefarious character created from naivet’e? I’m not ready to condemn all of them just yet, and that was my reason for not immediately posting the info graphic.

What do you think? Who are the biggest greenwashing offenders? Who are those that simply don’t get it? How can they do a better job with their stories of sustainability?

Green Marketing Exposed