After years, (make that decades), of the same old expected utility advertising, Arizona power company, APS, has scored big time with its Sunspower campaign. They did it by drafting Steve Nash to promote their solar energy programs. Now all though the NBA is kind of going through the motions with its “Green Campaign,” APS did a smart thing: They capitalized on a hugely popular local sports star, and probably the NBA’s best green ambassador, and leveraged his cache for their renewable energy push.

steve_nash_foundationBTW, did you know that Nash plays every game in a custom shoe made by Nike called “Trash Talk”. The shoe itself is made from 100% manufacturing waste produced from Nike’s normal shoe production line. In addition, Nash drives a hybrid vehicle and has installed solar panels into his own home. He also has a pretty happening website.

Tip of the sweat band to APS for finally using a run and gun offense to make green fun, solar relevant, and its big, and sometimes awkward, utility a little more human. You can see the other four spots here.