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4 Simple Tips for Better Corporate Storytelling on Business of Story

4 Simple Tips for Better Corporate Storytelling

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” – Robert McKee when asked why storytelling is important. Think about it: Your own business idea started from…

Serena Dorf
5 Tips to Make Your Emails Better with Storytelling

5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Better with Storytelling

While there are far more channels than ever before and far more ways to approach marketing, we live in a world where people can opt in and out of content…

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How to Communicate Your Business Strategy More Effectively

All great business strategy narratives are an answer to some adversity Steve Jobs bounces onto the stage and grabs the slide changer from a colleague with a friendly, ‘Thanks Scott.”…

Shawn Callahan

Why Pitching Your Brand is 99% Telling Your Own Story

What you can learn from Hollywood movie pitching about selling your brand story The pitch. It’s as old as cinema itself.  A writer, director, or other creative type walks into…

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How to Find the Story in Your Story

Enjoy the adventure of your craft I was pretty fearless in my teens and twenties. I figured out how to get myself to Switzerland as an exchange student at sixteen,…

Pam Slim

Don’t Invent Your Story, Spotlight it!

As a brand creator, I talk with a lot of entrepreneurs who are worried and lost when it comes to thinking about using their story to grow their business. They…

Annie Franceschi
How Should Technology Shape Your Brand Story

How Should Technology Shape Your Brand Story?

Business storytelling is the strategic message in your content marketing, technology is its transmitter As a kid, I loved the Flintstones and the Jetsons. Two great families with outstanding brands.…

Park Howell

The ROI of Business Storytelling and the Cost of Being Boring

The business case for brand storytelling: Inspired leadership, employee engagement, greater retention and growing sales. Rags or riches? Your storytelling ability will lead to one or the other Steven knew…

Park Howell

How to Persuade any Audience with the Power of Storytelling

Business storytelling is how leaders change beliefs and shape behaviors. On a trip to Amsterdam for the Arizona State University Masters students in the Executive Masters of Sustainability Leadership program,…

Park Howell

6 Brand Story Structure Failures Most Marketers Miss and How to Fix Them

Only a sturdy brand narrative, supported by your internal business stories, will bridge you to your future Most business leaders and marketers focus on their high-level brand narrative. But few…

Park Howell