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What is the story behind your body of work?

I just finished Pamela Slim’s terrific book, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together. You probably remember Pam from her first blockbuster, Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur. I had the chance meeting with Pam when she was picking up a friend, Michael Margolis, from our office. We had lunch a week later and she gifted me with her book. I finally got to read Body of Work when I was traveling back from…

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Cool new tool for creating a quick video story on your iPad

Pick a template. Upload an image. Record your voice in snippets. Add music. Then post your video. It is that easy with Adobe Voice. Let’s face it, if content is king, creating content is a bitch. Everyone says no one is reading anymore. You have to regale them with infographics, videos and podcasts. But that is more easily said than done. Adobe Voice (Kind of a misnomer given that this is a video program) can help bring your stories to…

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How I got myself unceremoniously fired on Basecamp by my self-publisher

I need some help with self-publishing. And apparently at communicating. I was working with a local group to publish my new book, Story Built. But they terminated me. That’s not the half of it. I was fired on Basecamp. Basecamp! Now I know what you’re thinking: “Basecamp is for project management, not a platform for meaningful creative conversation about how to best publish the blood, sweat and tears one puts into writing a book. And especially not a place to…

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What crazy ass stories are your customers making up about your brand?

Our brains are suckers for story. They’ll take the most benign stimuli (like most powerpoints, car dealership commercials, and mission statements) and attempt to knit narratives from them in an exhaustive effort to make sense of the world. Here’s a brilliant example: watch this one-minute film, created in 1944, and scribble down what you see. Show it to others and see what stories they create. Of the 114 test subjects in the Heider/Simmel study who saw this rudimentary film of…


What marketers can learn from the freaks, cheats and familiars at Burning Man

Have you ever been to Burning Man: this 55,000+ burner event in Black Rock City, Nevada? If not, have you ever wanted to go? Or do you think like some folks do that it’s just a self-indulgent orgy of hipsters parading around the Playa? I hear it’s actually a model of sustainability in that every Burner must bring in all of their provisions, and take out all of their trash after the roughly week-long gathering. They literally build a city,…

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