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Data vs story 2

INFOGRAPHIC: Data tells, story sells

In his new book, Trying Not to Try: The Ancient Chinese Art and Modern Science of Spontaneity, Edward Slingerland writes: “Science traffics in facts, not values: it can tell us what is, but not what should be.” For those who follow my storytelling blog, you know my mantra that data is the foundation of the story, but is NOT the story. What is the story is the event that happened or is coming that the data measures. However, most powerpoint…


McKee Mondays: The Business of Storytelling

I had the rare honor of interviewing a storytelling legend the other day. Robert McKee, arguably the world’s top screenwriting coach with nearly 50 of his students earning Academy Awards, invited me to his Connecticut home to discuss storytelling in business. I met McKee in February when my son and I attended his famous four-day screenwriting workshop called STORY. No, I’m not looking to be his 50th Oscar winner. However, for the past seven years I have been researching and…

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Have clichés rendered your green marketing unsustainable?

Are you a green marketer who has considered using the call-to-action, “Got Green?” Are you a sustainable company that put the word “Green” in your name, and if so, do you have the cojones of Greenpeace to back it up? Are you guilty of “Green Corn?” It’s a symptom of trite green marketing that appears in visuals for sustainability, like Mother Earth glistening in a water drop, cupped in hands, or twinkling in a child’s eye. Do you give in…


Green marketing and the five steps to a more sustainable brand

I recently wrote a post about Coal Burger and its ironic and unfortunate brand positioning of being a “Green” burger joint. They are good people that own and run the place, but just misdirected in the ways of green marketing. But there’s hope and help for the Coal Burgers of the world. Entrepreneur Magazine, in its November issue, features an article on the five-step guide to marketing a green business called: Selling Green. They called me as a source for…

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How an inner city school re-engaged our son creating a vastly more productive student

Would you move your underperforming student to what most parents consider an underperforming inner city high school to help him improve his grades? That’s what Michele and I found ourselves doing right after the Holidays this year. And it has been an education for us ALL. Not only did our son, Caed, earn a 3.0 grade average in the second semester of his junior year (I especially commend him for his guts in changing schools halfway through his high school…

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